Lahore varsity celebrating Bollywood Day sparks debate online

A Lahore varsity celebrating Bollywood Day as one of its farewell events for the senior batch has divided the internet

While some people wished to go back in time and dress up as their favourite Indian stars, others bashed the students for their “vilifying” behaviour and for “shamelessly” representing an industry that “regularly aims to create anti-Pakistan movies

” A video, posted on TikTok originally, made rounds on Twitter which started the debate

These kids only celebrated Bollywood Day, I loved the fun they had

What’s wrong in it? Let them live a few happy years of their lives before they are trapped in mundane situations of of practical life when in jobs

#LUMS pic


com/VkuomvlDnR — Shama Junejo (@ShamaJunejo) February 19, 2023 While the internet is divided on whether celebrating in such a manner is okay or not, one thing that everyone can agree on is that the students understood the assignment clearly

From Mohabbatein’s Raj Malhotra to Ajay Devgn’s iconic Inspector Bajirao Singham and Student of the Year’s Shanaya Singhania, the students went all in

Users called out people hating on the students for pretending like they didn't know most characters in the video

  A nation obsessed over Bollywood movies for decades, where every wedding predominantly features Bollywood songs is suddenly outraged over LUMS celebrating Bollywood day

🤦‍♂️ — SocialPariah (@Non_graata) February 20, 2023 Idk why people are getting furious at this "bollywood day" in LUMS

Being a 90's kid, I enjoyed bollywood for a major chunk of my life while Syed Noor Pakistan was busy making Saima and Shan dance wierdly in crops, so I'm not sorry if we relate more to bollywood characters

— Usama (@Thebiryanihead) February 20, 2023 People losing their shit over lums having a Bollywood day is so funny to me

People are suffering daily due to the economic conditions of the country

Tweet about that instead of criticising a bunch of kids for dressing up like the movie characters we ALL grew up watching

— Shafaq (@shfml_) February 20, 2023 the hate lums kids are receiving for bollywood day is plain hypocrisy

indian content is literally always in the top 10 on Netflix in pakistan

— sara ?! (@mangajoon) February 19, 2023 According to this tweep, there's a bigger problem here

  LUMS having a bollywood day isn't a problem, it's a symptom of a problem

We should reflect on why we look to India for our entertainment

What's wrong with our own film industry? Does anyone ever watch lollywood?? — Saifuddin (@TheSaithSahab) February 20, 2023 Some users argued that there's no need to bash them because the students are just "trying to have fun

" Why there's hue and cry about LUMS celebrating Bollywood day 🤔 Indeed we are a sadist society who can't see people enjoying their lives — Ur Phupho ✨ (@TheArdentSoul) February 19, 2023 I'm not quite sure what is triggering in that #LUMS #Bollywood #Day celebration event

I mean is it hurting anyone? If no,what exactly is the whole hue and cry over? pic


com/V2RSm42ad8 — ᴺᵃᵘᵐᵃⁿ ᴬ ᴬˡⁱ ᴿᵃᵒ (@NaumanRaoPTI) February 19, 2023 It's not just #lums

In every other university whenever there's a costume day, 90 per students dress up as bollywood characters, and the rest 10 per either go for thobe or some character from Harry Potter

😂 — Amara🪅 (@igotoranged) February 19, 2023 And there was sarcasm

Unpopular opinion but LUMS is in the wrong here with the Bollywood day thing

We are living in Pakistan, we are not supposed to have any fun, just meltdowns over Twitter and killing random people for baseless charges

Joy is a sin — Daniyal Naqvi (@TambourineManDN) February 19, 2023  

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