Damascus under attack

Nothing much that the world can do than merely logging in one more Israeli aggression

The latest daredevil attack inside Damascus is not only a clear violation of international law and Syrian sovereignty, but also a moment of shame for the world community that doesn’t stop short of preaching state-centric values

Alas, here is a Zionist state that does not care for anything but its trigger-happiness, and many of the regional Arab and Muslim states are exposed to its barbarism

Sunday’s transgression that targeted Hezbollah and Iranian installations deep inside the residential conclave of the capital resulting in the killing of more than 15 civilians, at least, warrants condemnation and retribution from the allies of Tel Aviv, so that the aggressor is put in the spotlight of current history

Syria and Israel have a perpetual hate relationship, and the equation is compounded with the occupation of Golan Heights for decades by the Jewish state

Not to speak of resolving the dispute with Syria or the stateless Palestinians, the modus operandi has been getting away scot-free after every bloodbath

So was the case this weekend, as Israeli missiles launched from its military bases devastated a section of the residential complex

This is the second attack in the last two months, as on January 2, Damascus airport was hit, including a weapons warehouse

While Syria is reeling under the pressure to cope with humanitarian assistance in the wake of an earthquake that killed more than 45,000 across its northern countryside, this episode of terrorism from Israel is insane, to say the least

Perhaps, it has no conscience to behave even in adversity

The simple riddle to be asked is when Israel will strike back again

From East Jerusalem to Gaza, and from Sinai to Beirut and Ramallah, the so-called Muslim-domain is exposed to what and how Israel feels like! This is an anathema of decency and democracy, of which apparently the Zionist state is not too concerned

But there has to be a limit, and the civilised West must prevail to put an end to this neo-holocaust

Published in The Express Tribune, February 20th, 2023

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