Sonu Nigam manhandled by politician’s son during live concert

Singer, Sonu Nigam filed a complaint against an Indian MLA’s son for allegedly attacking him and his team after his performance

After his performance at a music festival in Chembur, Mumbai, organised by Shiv Sena (UBT) leader, the politician’s son, Swapnil Phaterpekar, allegedly pushed Nigam and his team, asking them to leave the stage

An alleged video of the same has surfaced on social media in which the Nigam’s team can be seen being mistreated

Now, the Indian artist has filed a complaint about the incident at the Chembur Police Station

As per Indian Express, the Kal Ho Naa Ho singer spoke to reporters and said that the scuffle happened only because the man wanted a selfie

Nigam, albeit, expressed his annoyance towards the selfie culture, saying: “Aap logon ka jo selfie aur photograph ka jo chala hua hai na, koi samajhta nahi hai”

The artist then narrated what happened at the concert, “After the concert, I was coming down from the stage when a man held me

Then he pushed Hari and Rabbani who came to save me

Then I fell on the steps

If I would have been on the side, I would have fallen too

Rabbani could have died today if there were some iron rods lying on the ground

He was pushed in such a way… You could see in the video… Even I was about to fall

” Rabbani Khan is the son of Nigam's maestro

He fell down from the stage and suffered several injuries and was immediately taken to Zen Hospital in Chembur

Nigam added that he has filed a complaint so that people understand the consequences of their actions

The singer’s team said: “Sonu Nigam is shaken by this whole incident

He has not suffered any kind of injury

But Rabbani's treatment is going on

” Meanwhile, Shive Sena (UBT) leader Prakash Phaterpekar, father of the accused, said: "Sonu Nigam was getting down from the stage when some people rushed to take a selfie

During that time, bodyguards were trying to push those people away, but by mistake, one person from Sonu Nigam's team was pushed by mistake

Nothing has happened to Sonu Nigam," reported by India Today

As of now, the purported video and the statements are being verified by the police

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Date:22-Feb-2023 Reference:View Original Link