PM wants minimum power outages during Ramazan

Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif on Tuesday directed the concerned authorities to take timely and effective measures to improve the power transmission and load management systems ahead of the summer season

The prime minister, chairing a review meeting to discuss power transmission and load management, asked the relevant departments to formulate a concrete and comprehensive plan ahead of summer

He instructed to ensure early finalisation of the strategy for better power transmission and load management ahead of summer

Calling for minimum load-shedding during Ramazan, the prime minister said it was pleasing that the proportion of alternate energy and local fuels was increasing for power generation, reducing dependence on imported fuels and ultimately the import bill

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He instructed the power and petroleum divisions and other relevant departments to improve cohesion and coordination for better power transmission and load management

During the briefing, the prime minister was told that effective measures were being taken to minimize the burden of load shedding on the masses

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