MPs condemn Balochistan minister for alleged triple murder, running private jail

Members of the National Assembly demanded the Speaker to issue a ruling on Wednesday against Balochistan provincial minister Sardar Abdul Rehman Khetran for allegedly detaining and then murdering a woman and her two children in his private jail

On a point of order, MNA Moulana Abdul Akbar Chitrali took the floor to bring attention to the tragic killing of the three individuals whose bullet-riddled bodies were found in a well near the Balochistan communications minister’s house in Barkhan area of the province

The minister has been accused of keeping a private jail in his house where he allegedly detains his opponents

Khetran denies the accusations, saying there are part of a conspiracy against him

The deceased were family members of local tribesmen, Khan Muhammad Marri

The victims were identified as Giran Naz, wife of Khan Muhammad Marri and her two sons Mohammad Nawaz, in his 20s, and Abdul Qadir, in his teens

Also read: Balochistan minister held over recovery of three bodies in Barkhan The calls of condemnation from Parliament came as heirs and Marri tribesmen continued their protest in Quetta to mount pressure on provincial govt to arrest the culprits

Speaking on the floor of the assembly, Moulana Chitrali said it was a tragedy that five family members were kept in a reported private detention cell run by Khetran who had allegedly kept five family members in it

“The killed woman in a video while holding the Holy Quran in her hands appealed to provide her family justice because they were kept in reported detention by Sardar Khetran

The family members of the deceased have kept their bodies before the Chief Minister House in Balochistan to protest,” he said

Chitrali said "a few children are also in the alleged private jail of the provincial minister"

Parliamentary Secretary for Climate Change MNA Naz Baloch said the tragic killing of the woman and her children was highly condemnable and demanded strict censure from all

She added that it was a matter of great displeasure that Balochistan province was neglected by all the previous regimes

“Public representatives are a symbol of hope and relief for the constituents as they expect justice from them

This incident has revealed a tragic news from Balochistan

If people are not safe from their representatives then who else will safeguard them?" she said

The parliamentary secretary demanded the Speaker to seek a detailed report on the matter on behalf of the House

Read more: Balochistan tense after recovery of three bodies MNA Prof Dr Shahnaz Baloch said women in the province were targeted by the influential and were forcefully being disappeared and kept in detentions

She said that 15 million people in Balochistan were deprived of education, food, water, health and other fundamental amenities of life

Dr Shahnaz demanded the House to bring a serious review in the policy of the government and everyone on board to take ownership of Balochistan

MNA Nasiba Channa also condemned the Balochistan tragedy and demanded that there should be justice for all in all the provinces of the country

MNA Muhammad Abubakar said the Barkhan incident revived the times of ignorance when girls were killed, and people were detained and tortured in private camps

“This event indicates that such people still exist in our society who keep private torture and detention camps and kill people

This is a vicious mindset that should be rejected

” MNA Syed Mehmood Shah condemned the killing of three individuals in Kohlu and demanded a fair probe into the matter and strict action against the culprits

MNA Saira Bano, while expressing her resentment on the Balochistan incident, said there was violence only in the province and no justice for its people

She demanded that the courts should probe this issue and reveal the facts

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