People posing as heroes are complaining privately for not being invited: Ali on hosting Javed Akhtar

Earlier this week, a video went viral on social media, showing Javed Akhtar attending an event in his honour alongside several Pakistani stars in Lahore

Since then, Ali Zafar, among others, who were seen in the video have been receiving flak online for showering the Indian lyricist with "immense respect," even though he "insulted the country" at the 7th Faiz Festival

Taking to Instagram, Zafar, who hosted the said dinner, has now issued a statement, defending himself from the criticism

“I love you all and truly value your praise and criticism equally

But I always request one thing — verify facts before reaching any conclusion or judgment,” he said

“I was not present at the Faiz Mela nor aware of what was said until the next day when I saw it on social media

” Referring to himself as "a proud Pakistani," the Teefa in Trouble actor then condemned "insensitive remarks" that upset people

“Naturally, no Pakistani would appreciate any statement against [their] country or people especially at an event meant to bring hearts closer than further

We all know how much Pakistan has suffered and continues to suffer at the hands of terrorism and such insensitive and uncalled-for remarks which deeply hurt the sentiments of so many people

” In a separate Instagram Story, Zafar also shared a screenshot of a fan's statement, which supported him and urged others to stop judging without first assessing both sides of the story

"Yesterday I was scrolling through posts and I saw so many people talking ill about Ali

I had no idea about Javed's remarks either and the party could have been arranged before the festival or on that day, we really have no clue

So, please stop overreacting

We are so quick to judge others and pass critiques without being considerate of the other's feelings," wrote the fan

The statement further read, "The terms and phrases used for him and his family were so disrespectful that I can't even quote them here

We should be careful of the choice of words we make no matter what happens

Grow up

" Zafar also added his two cents to the post, highlighting the hypocrisy of his criticisers

"Not everyone, but some used this occasion to attach and exploit me

It is quite amusing to see that some people are posing as heroes and patriots on social media are messaging behind the scene about why they weren't invited

Hypocrisy is also at its peak here

Beware," he shared

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