‘102’: Gang of boys on the loose in Lahore torturing students

A group of students, calling themselves "102," has been found to be torturing boys outside different schools in Lahore, according to a report by Express News

The gang, which is made up of 35 members, reportedly uploads its violent acts on social media to spread fear

Two students were arrested and charged in Gulberg for torturing a young man, with authorities actively tracking down other members of the gang

The police have also reported that the group recently tortured a student at a snooker club

Read more: Upsurge in street crime plagues Lahore CCPO Bilal Siddique Kamiyana has taken notice of the matter, requesting a report from SP Model Town and ordering a full investigation

He emphasised the need for the immediate arrest of those involved in violent and illegal activities, stating that "Lahore is city of peaceful people and operations of such a gang cannot be tolerated

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With the situation escalating, the authorities are taking every possible measure to ensure the safety of students and to curb the activities of this dangerous gang

Date:26-Feb-2023 Reference:View Original Link