Nothing like the movies: Armeena Khan opens up on struggles of being a new parent without any help

Armeena Khan, who recently gave birth to baby girl Amelie Isla, opened up on the struggles of parenthood and how it is nothing like the movies

However, despite the difficult journey, the Bin Roye actor shared how it's all worth it for the little human being you bring into the world

On Saturday, Armeena took to Instagram with an unedited selfie with her husband Fesl Khan to show how parenthood looks without any help

“This is the raw (truth)! Unwashed faces, unkempt hair, and sleepless nights

The tiptoeing, the secret fears and a plethora of worries

This is what parenthood looks like without help

This is what they don't show you in movies,” she captioned the post, adding that while it is difficult, they’ll do it all over again in a heartbeat

“But we would do it all over again

Just seeing that smile on her face alone in the morning makes it all worth it

Parents are superhuman beings If you’re a new parent, keep going

You’re doing a brilliant job and it gets easier, I promise,” she added

Looking at her post, a parent-to-be messaged her on the photo-sharing app to share how anxious they are about their new journey starting in April

“Do not panic

You’ll be just fine

Just read up on all that you will need

There’s plenty of information online and on YouTube

Plus, you can take courses too

It’s never too late,” Armeena wrote

Last year in December, Armeena announced the birth of her firstborn

Taking to Instagram, she uploaded a series of photos showing the couple celebrating the arrival of their newborn child

From birthday balloons, baby-sized socks and a cake with a '0' candle on top, the duo celebrated the newest addition to their family loudly and proudly

"Presenting our precious little angel – Amelie' Isla to our well-wishers, fans, family and friends

Our hearts are full of love and gratitude as we celebrate her arrival," wrote the Yalghaar actor

After many queries, Fesl detailed the meaning behind their daughter's name in the comment section

He explained, "Amelie means industrious, hard-working and in some languages beloved

Isla means Devoted to God


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