Wi-Fi centres planned across Sindh

The Sindh government, with the aim of empowering youth and bridging digital divide, has planned to establish Wi-Fi centres at the district level

The initiative will provide seamless internet access to students and build a more connected and technology-driven society

“We are planning a new initiative to establish Wi-Fi centres in each district to provide internet access to the youth,” said Sindh IT Minister Tanzila Ume Habiba while talking to The Express Tribune on the sidelines of the launch of co-working space by Founders 2

0, which added another 144 seats to the existing capacity of 15,000+ in the market nationwide

The aim was to bridge the digital divide in the province and ensure that young people, particularly those from the marginalised background, had access to the internet for educational and professional purposes, the minister emphasised

By providing free Wi-Fi access, the provincial government hopes to promote digital literacy and improve the skills of youth

“This measure is a step towards realising the government’s goal of a digitally enabled society, which is critical for economic growth and development,” she added

Although the country is witnessing growth in digital facilities such as the setting up of incubation centres, accelerator centres and co-working places to facilitate young entrepreneurs and the thriving tech startups, digital facilitation is equally important and needed in rural areas

“Access to internet connectivity has become a basic right for everyone, irrespective of the socio-economic background or geographical location,” foodpanda Director Policy, Communications and Legal Pakistan Hassan Arshad told The Express Tribune

“The Sindh government’s initiative is a step towards complete digital inclusion by establishing state-of-the-art Wi-Fi centres with free access to the internet,” he remarked

Arshad was hopeful that with adequate connectivity infrastructure in place, there would be greater access to resources and opportunities, leading to a prosperous future for everyone

“Digital divide is a major challenge for many disadvantaged communities around the world and Sindh province is no exception,” commented SI Global CEO Noman Ahmed Said

“The Sindh government’s initiative is aimed at bridging this gap

Besides, more youth will find access to valuable online resources that can help them acquire new skills and knowledge,” he said

Moreover, according to Said, with increased connectivity, there will be greater opportunities for economic growth and a fall in poverty in rural areas where internet infrastructure traditionally does not exist

In addition, businesses will benefit from digitally savvy customers, who are able to take advantage of e-commerce platforms such as Amazon or eBay, something that will be impossible without reliable broadband connections

“Access to the internet is a basic necessity and an enabler of economic growth,” said Daraz Pakistan Chief Marketing Officer Muhammad Ammar Hassan

The Sindh government’s initiative would create numerous opportunities for young people, allowing them to participate in digital economy and enhance skills and knowledge, he said

While offering Daraz’s cooperation to the Sindh government, Hassan stressed, “We stand ready to collaborate with the government to support their efforts towards a brighter future for all Pakistanis

” According to a study carried out last year, the use of internet is the most popular among youth (aged between 13 and 18 years), for about eight hours a day, according to the SI Global CEO

He was of the view that Wi-Fi facility at the district level was a step towards providing direct access to internet to the young generation at their doorsteps, even during the tough economic conditions prevailing today

Furthermore, the facility would keep the youth engaged in healthy activities and create equal opportunities of learning through modern tools and the media at par with the youth in the developed world

“Wi-Fi can be provided in district libraries as well, which may revive the habit of book reading,” the CEO hoped

Published in The Express Tribune, February 26th, 2023

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