Failed antics

In order to counter the politics of vendetta and the onslaught of cases being filed by the incumbent government against the PTI-led opposition, Imran Khan announced the Jail Bharo Tehreek in which PTI workers and leaders volunteered to be detailed en masse

Such antics are showing the desperation of the PTI leadership, as calls for early elections are starting to look like a distant dream

The incumbent coalition seems to be unfazed by the entire ordeal and have claimed that further action will be taken in accordance with the law

As usual, their plan is to mold it to their own liking and this is where the situation has now backfired on PTI

While majority of volunteers have been released or soon plan to be, the police have claimed that many PTI stalwarts — including Shah Mahmood Qureshi — will be transferred to different jails following a one-month detention order

The decision caught the opposition by surprise as these detentions were supposed to be “symbolic” in nature

Ironically, now, PTI and family members of the detained are seeking their release through courts, claiming illegal detention and improper treatment by the police, who themselves believe all this to be a “photo session” for the media

While due action is being taken, the incumbent government, despite their differences, must ensure prisoners’ rights are maintained by providing necessary essentials, including food and medication, to the detainees

But Maryam Nawaz’s speech about having to iron clothes with a frying pan might indicate that the PTI will soon be given a taste of their own medicine

Will this mark the end of the Jail Bharo Tehreek or does Imran Khan has something else up his sleeve is something we will know in due time

As it stands, the party has only itself to blame as it constantly proves to be its own worst enemy

The cornered tiger is yet again backed up in another corner

Fighting back will require patience not desperation

Published in The Express Tribune, February 26th, 2023

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