Tragedy averted in Green Line bus accident

Several people, including the driver and passengers, were injured when a bus of the mass transit Green Line service veered off its track near Nagan Chowrangi on Friday

The front part of the bus, including its windscreen, was wrecked in the accident

Passengers had to climb out of the window as the doors were jammed, causing some panic among those on it

Witnesses said the driver lost control while trying to save a child who had wandered on the track

The bus broke the fence, hit the kerb and ran over a sidewalk

The driver’s statement has been recorded while the CCTV footage was being reviewed after which an official statement would be issued

The operations manager at the Green Line said that they were investigating the accident

He added that there were no major injuries among passengers, while the driver sustained injuries after hitting his head against the windshield

He said that the track, which had been shut down after the accident, had been cleared and service restored

He added that multiple requests had been sent to the city administration asking them to remove the illegal settlements on the sides of the tracks

He said children from settlements would often wander on to the track, which could cause accidents

Date:16-Apr-2023 Reference:View Original Link