It Runs In The Family: Sara Raza and Raza Ahmed

Sara Raza is a running fashion label while Raza Ahmed is operating one of the most popular Pan Asian restaurants, Bamboo Union in Lahore

As a couple- Sara and Raza bring the perfect balance and harmony to each other’s life

Sara and Raza share with us their story of love and friendship

How and where did you both first meet? Sara: We met at the NCA art thesis in January 2017

I was with my friend Zainab Shaukat and he was with his friend Shazay

Zainab was also the architect who designed Bamboo Union so we ran into each other and she introduced us

Raza: We met for the first time at the NCA thesis exhibition

I found the toque she was wearing quite amusing

How do you demonstrate your love in different ways? Sara: Well I am an organised freak so I display my love and affection by doing his laundry, making banana bread for him, and generally looking after him and taking care of him

Raza: I’m very bad at expressing stuff and i usually try to crack jokes which don’t work for her as she doesn’t like my sense of humour

What did you like about each other in your first meeting? Sara: I found him really cute - didn’t really dislike anything in the first meeting

Raza: Her toque

How long did it take for you two to decide to finally tie the knot? Sara and Raza: After a brief break up in 2018 January, he called me up and said that he wanted to get married so I guess at that moment

What frustrates you most about your partner? Sara: Ahh

When he decides to go to work during Covid-19 times

Raza: She’s very impatient and that can be annoying at times

Who makes up the first if you have a fight or an argument? Sara: He does, always

Raza: Sara usually makes up as she starts the argument

One thing you love about each other? Sara: We always have each other’s back

Raza: One thing I love about her is that she is very caring and thoughtful which brings a lot more love within the family

Something you would want to change about your partner? Sara: Nothing really

Raza: One thing that I can change about her would be her ability to sleep so much

I usually have breakfast alone; I wouldn’t mind her joining me every day

Something you have in common? Sara and Raza: Our vision on family and home

Who keeps the room the tidiest? Sara: Me definitely, he throws his stuff everywhere

Raza: I leave that to her

Your best memory together so far? Sara: Our honeymoon in Bali

Raza: Best memory so far would be us in Bali on a scooter and me having no clue how to ride it

Your greatest strength as a couple? Sara: We are able to maintain a good balance in our lives - work life, social life, family life etc

Raza: We both are optimistic about life and I feel if you have two glasses of water that are half full, you can do wonders

Describe your relationship in three words? Sara: Fun, genuine and wholesome

Raza: Chaos, madness and care

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