Officials re-open Chaman border for one day as goodwill gesture

Pakistani officials on Tuesday re-opened the Pakistan-Afghanistan border crossing at Chaman on Tuesday for a day as a gesture of goodwill

A large number of people transited through the area as soon as the border re-opened

Earlier in July, at least three people were killed and 20 injured as shots were fired after protesters stormed a quarantine centre at the border gate over not being allowed to enter the neighbouring country

A woman was among those slain in the incident as protesters set ablaze a quarantine centre setup for Covid-19 pandemic along with Pak-Afghan Bab-e-Dosti gate

Additional troops have been called in as tensions rise in the city in the wake of the incident

Authorities said the body of a woman and two men were taken to the Chaman Civil Hospital along with the 20 other injured

Balochistan Chief Minister Jam Kamal said that elements behind the sad Chaman border incident will be exposed very soon and justice will be served

“Pakistani authorities and security forces are responsible for securing the Pakistan border but it is strange that a crowd is brought to the border and suddenly firing begins from the Afghan side,” he said

The provincial chief executive also pointed out that the crowd was gathered by elements whose interests were affected during the last two months because of the border closure

“These elements who are involved in smuggling non-custom paid vehicles provoked labourers and created unrest at the border

Is there any kind of border like this?” the CM questioned

“Are we still living in stone ages?” He added that no country can function without ensuring proper discipline

On July 10, the Quetta Chamber of Commerce and Industry (QCCI) urged the federal and provincial governments to reopen trade activities at Chaman border as the closure was affecting Balochistan's economy and Afghan Transit Trade

“The border closure for months has affected the economic future of the people associated with trade and industry, import and export as well as the service-based industry

These sectors are on the verge of disaster,” said QCCI President Ghulam Farooq Khilji in a joint statement issued by QCCI Senior Vice President Badruddin Kakar, Vice President Dawood Khilji and others

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