Giti Ara Loves

Giti Ara is a Pakistani fashion model who is known for her work in a number of notable campaigns for top-tier design houses in Pakistan

Giti shares with TEdit all the things she loves An international designer you would love to be dressed by? I love wearing collections by HSY, Fahad Hussyn and Mohsin Naveed Ranjha

These three always present something new and innovative

An international designer you would love to work with? Dolce & Gabbana is my favourite international design house and if I ever get a chance to work with them it will be a dream come true

I also like Gucci and Valentino and I would love to do a fashion campaign for them

  A destination you would love to take a holiday to? If I ever get a chance, I would go to Switzerland and explore all the scenic beauty it has to offer

I love being close to nature so any place that has natural beauty

You would love to spend a day with? I love spending time with my close friends who I share mutual interest with

I believe in spending quality time with likeminded people to unwind

You love to spend your money on? Well I believe together we can make this world a better place and that needs some contribution from all of us

I spend most of my money on people who need financial assistance

Three people in your life you love the most? My mom who was also my mentor, my friends and like minded people from the industry

If you could trade one day of your life with someone, who would it be? Well not trade but I would love to go back to my childhood days where I could spend a day with my mother

A designer or brand you would never opt for? I don’t think that way, I believe all designers have something different to offer

I may have my favourites but I would explore all designers’ collections

A movie remake you want to be part of? I love the series Money Heist and I would love to be part of it if there’s ever a chance

I like the character of Raquel Murillo the police officer in season one

Biggest pet peeve? Horns on the road

  Favourite perfume? Coco mademoiselle , Jimmy Choo and Tiger Orchid by Balmain

Your favourite accessory? I love jewellery especially earrings

Your most valuable asset? I consider my most valuable asset the name I have earned for myself and mother’s blessings

Your all time favourite TV show? Coffee with Karan and Keeping up with The Kardashians

Your favourite style icon? Rekha and Kendall Jenner

Three things that make you smile? Visiting Gurudwaras and praying there, visiting holy places and when I do justice to my work that brings joy and satisfaction to me

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