NAB chief denies partiality in accountability process

National Accountability Bureau (NAB) Chairman Justice (retd) Javed Iqbal on Tuesday strongly rejected the impression of partiality in the accountability process saying people who are biased see the procedure as discriminatory

 Addressing a ceremony at the NAB Headquarters, the national graft-buster’s chief noted that more cases are registered when there is more corruption

 He credited the entire staff of NAB for their efforts in the recovery of money from the culprits

 The NAB chairman observed that he never formed a false case or carried out proceedings against an innocent person as he was answerable to the Almighty

He said the bureau reviewed every case minutely

 “It was decided on the very first day that the NAB will not see the face but the case

I strongly reject the impression that the [process of] accountability is biased

Only those see it like that who are biased,” he said

 The NAB chief reminded that the heads of the bureau in the past too had worked hard and that they had carried their legacy forward

 “We worked harder after 2017 after which more cases were registered

When there is more corruption, more cases will be registered,” he said

 “Similarly, when more cases are registered, more will be the number of bails,” he added

 Commenting on an analyst’s remarks that he had extended his tenure, the NAB chairman said that he did not have any such desire

 “The critics should go through the NAB laws as there is no provision for it [extension in NAB chief’s tenure],” he said

 On the other hand, Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) Secretary General Ahsan Iqbal rejected the NAB chief’s statement saying the entire country knew that only the opposition was subjected to accountability

 “Flour, sugar, ghee and medicine mafias are sitting with the government

PTI foreign funding case is pending

NAB is acting as a B-team of the PTI,” he said, while speaking to media at the Islamabad High Court

 The PML-N leader alleged that the NAB was controlled by the premier and Shahzad Akbar and its chairman was only in name

Date:16-Sep-2020 Reference:View Original Link