Ingredient Science-Biochemist (Senior/Principal) Jobs in Chicago, United States

Nature’s Fynd is a groundbreaking food tech company born out of NASA-supported research on extremophiles in the geothermal pools of Yellowstone National Park. Our novel fermentation technology produces a sustainable source of complete protein using only a fraction of the resources required by traditional agriculture. As the challenge to feed the world’s expanding population grows, our mission is to create amazing foods and materials that provide sustainable choices and nurture the planet.We’re looking for passionate, driven, and ambitious people to join our fast-growing team.As a Food Biochemist in the ingredient science (Fy Science) team you will be responsible for designing, conducting, and analyzing experiments to develop new applications of a mycoprotein for use in food. This could include work on the isolation, characterization, and functionalization of proteins from various sources, such as plants or animals, as well as the development of new food products utilizing these functional proteins. The biochemist would be expected to have a strong background in protein chemistry, biochemistry, as well as experience in laboratory techniques such as protein purification and characterization. In addition to conducting experiments, the biochemist would be responsible for interpreting data and communicating findings to a team of scientists, as well as collaborating with other departments such as Ramp;D, QA/QC, product development and production. Strong analytical and problem-solving skills, as well as experience in project management, are also important for this role.As a Food Biochemist at Nature’s Fynd, you will be a key member of the Fy Science team in Ramp;D serving as a subject matter expert for protein functionality and characterization of mycoprotein. You will work cross-functionally to improve the taste, texture, and appearance of products. This role will report directly to the Manager of Fy Science. A vast majority of this job will be on site. This position will be based in Chicago, IL.Duties Responsibilities:Investigate the composition of different mycoprotein ingredients including proteins, carbohydrates, and small moleculesElucidate the functionality of the specific components of the mycoprotein ingredientUnderstand interaction(s) of the ingredient in food matrices with other functional ingredientsWork cross-functionally with product development to translate insights on ingredients and specific components to food prototypesIndependently execute tasks including development of new assays, setting up new methods, regular sample handling, and developing analytical methodsWorking well in teams to develop new technology and products you'd never achieve on your ownProvide data-driven insights to solve technical challengesConduct bench-top work, and analyze, summarize present scientific outcomesProvide accurate, clear, and concise reports on Ramp;D activities

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