HR Manager Jobs in Chicago, United States

Develop and implement HR strategy aligned with overall business strategyDesign optimal organization plan to maximize the growth of the company according to the business environmentManage and oversee HR operations such as payroll, personal income tax, attendance, etc.Review compensation and benefit policy from time to time in order to maintain competitiveness in talent marketInitiate performance management policies and proceduresManage recruitment and selection process and onboarding procedures.Set human resource development policy and lead training programs, aligning with the company growth strategySearch for and introduce HR related IT systems such as ATS, attendance management, talent management, etc.Manage and assist in expats’ payroll, income tax clearance, visa applications, etcCommunicate with internal stakeholders to build a company culture that’s in line with CADDi’s values and objectives.Complies with federal, state, and local legal requirements with understanding existing and new legislation.Communicate and cooperate with internal stakeholders such as the HR team in Japan, Vietnam, Thailand and other countries.

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