Data Protection Officer Jobs in Strasbourg, France

Develop and implement the System Data Protection Policy, create ‘best practice’ guidance for data processors and detailed guides on data protection policies to be followed by the organization team;Provide advice and instructions on how to conduct Data Protection Impact Assessments (DPIAs);Monitor data management procedures and compliance within the Contractor organization;Participate in meetings with managers to ensure privacy by design at all levels;Maintain records of processing operations; Process and respond to all requests for information, correction, or erasure by data subjects;Ensure all queries from data subjects are addressed within legal timeframes (e.g. delete their information from relevant databases);Liaise with contractors of other systems that process data originating from or feeding to the System;Perform audits and determine whether procedures need to be altered to comply with regulations;Offer consultation on how to deal with privacy breaches;Follow up with changes in law and issue recommendations to ensure compliance;Train and advise staff on the provisions of the Data Protection Act and GDPR compliance requirements; Identify and monitor the data processors whilst at work, ensuring that they deal with data in a manner consistent with the key data protection principles.

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