In-Country Market Researcher and Interviewer, Qatar Jobs in Doha, Qatar

Euromonitor International seeks an analyst to collect, analyze and report information on industries such as food and beverage, travel, consumer finance, retailing and consumer foodservice in Qatar.In-country analysts are tasked with regular project-based work and are employed on a contract basis, working for commissioners based in one of our offices (typically Dubai). It is a role that suits self-starting individuals, who are looking for the flexibility of working from home and the challenge of working for a world leader in market research.At the core of our methodology, research teams gather information from in-depth, unscripted interviews with key stakeholders along the value chain (service providers, retailers, associations, government authorities, experts, etc). Interview success relies on our analysts’ proactivity to recruit and secure interviews with the right contacts, and their ability to uncover key data and insights via open discussions.Our research addresses the following types of questions to deliver insightful business intelligence:Where are consumers traveling to and from Qatar? What are the leading hotels and travel methods in the country?Where do consumers shop and what do they buy? Where do consumers eat? What do they eat?How do consumers pay? How will preferred payment method evolve?Why is company X doing better than company Y? What strategy is being employed and how is this supported operationally?

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