Generalist Analyst - Brands/Reputation - (Weekend/Nights) Jobs in Leeds, United Kingdom

We are looking for a Generalist Analyst to join our Brands/Reputation team based in Leeds. It's an extremely exciting time to join us here at Crisp as our company is very much continuing to thrive! Leading global brands and social platforms trust Crisp for Social Media Safety, safeguarding their share price and reputation by guaranteeing they are always the first to know. Which means they are always the first to act.By combining Artificial and Human Intelligence, Crisp’s Extended Intelligence delivers 24/7/365 safety by continually fighting the weaponization of communications from whoever the source, whatever the language and whichever the online harm.Crisp tracks and understands what ‘Bad Actors’ are saying to build accurate profiles and use predictive and behavioural analytics to identify trends and identify the unknown unknowns. Crisp’s proprietary technology then does the heavy lifting by scanning the web continuously, capturing billions of pieces of data on this select cohort of individuals.Crisp currently protects over $3.6 trillion of aggregate market capitalisation across our current customer base. This demonstrates both the value and uniqueness of our service, and the trust our customers have in us to deliver that service.This role will be a 10 hour shift over a 4 day working week which will include Friday, Saturday and Sunday and another day of your choice. RequirementsIf you know and understand Brand crisis, and are interested in helping us identifying potential risks, that have reputation impact, in near real time, then get in touch!Using a variety of tools, search engines and proprietary technology, you will uncover and report on social media crisis situations, in real time, as it unfolds. You will respond to trends emerging from social media users, news publishers, law makers, brand ambassadors, as well as produce crisis topic intelligence reports for the largest brands on the planet, before, during and after a social media crisis.You will work with our team of world leading AI experts to further analyse techniques being used to detect emerging social media crisis.This is truly an exciting time to join Crisp and help us shape our Brand/Reputation team!We need someone who is a keen problem solver, with a highly inquisitive nature. You should be open to regular discussions about how something is done, why it is happening and where to look to identify crisis early in the cycle. You should have a genuine interest in researching topics, and be proactive in finding the problems before they become a real crisis for brands.

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