Officers, Field Monitoring, Learning Evaluation (MLE) - Temporary Placement Jobs in Lilongwe, Malawi

Position Background and DescriptionThe Monitoring Learning and Evaluations department is seeking to recruit temporary/short-term field officers to support an upcoming baseline survey. Those successful will be responsible for collecting monitoring data for the Dispensers for Safe Water program in Malawi. This is an exciting assignment that enables you to interact with local community members as you collect data that informs the program to make justifiable decisions.The officer position will be based in Mwanza, Neno, Machinga, and Chiladzulo districts. Qualified candidates who currently stay in these and surrounding districts are encouraged to apply.Key Responsibilities1. Data collection and qualityAccurately and timely collect Dispensers for Safe Water evaluation data, through the administration of questionnaire, collection of samples, and making observations, in the areas of operation, using electronic and/or paper instruments.Participate in bench-testing of electronic instruments as part of training and instrument improvement processTimely and meaningfully support flow of information from the field to the Program Leadership by utilizing soft feedback tools.Participate in the data collection training of operation/program field staff.Support data flow process from the field to the office, by adhering to the data flow protocol that indicates when and how submit data

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