HVAC Sales Manager Jobs in Bakersfield, United States

Direct Like Spielberg, Coach Like Lombardi, Lead Like Moses.You have a Pied Piper way about you.A natural teacher.A trusted coach.Your batteries get charged seein’ other people succeed.You do it all the time.Bet you don’t have enough fingers on your hands to count all of ‘em.In fact, a big smile is spreadin’ across your lips right nowThinking about some of the little baby birds soaring because of you.You understand that it’s always better to teach a person to fish.We are recruiting for our Sales Manager opportunity in Bakersfield! This is a position that starts from $60 to $125K!Once you supercharge my team, bonuses could take you well over 6-figures.Sound like a good deal?I need a Coach for my talented technicians,A motivator to help them reach their incredible potential.Maybe you’re gettin’ a squished neck cuz you hit the ceiling,And you know you can go higher.Maybe you’re tired of seeing other people picked to leadWhen you’ve demonstrated the skills.Maybe you just need a chance.I want to talk to you.This ain’t no sit-in-the-office-and-have-meetings manager job.You’ll be out in the field, doing ride-alongs,Taking guys out to lunch,Gettin’ the troops fired up in the mornings,The first one to listen and care when their kids are sick or a relative died.It’s you who’ll decide when to give somebody a pep talk, and when to take ‘em behind the woodshed.My technicians gotta trust that you understand the world of black gold,Care about their lives and futures,And will do anything to help them find the right solution.We’re family, and so are our customers,And we don’t ever sell ‘em somethin’ they don’t need. Ever.We have a system. You have to learn it and teach it.It doesn’t matter to me what you’re doin’ now. If you can direct like Spielberg If you can coach like Lombardi If you can lead like Moses Your next job is with Monarch Home Services.I’ve got plenty of people to run the ball down the field. I need one Super Coach to point ‘em in the right direction. I bet that’s you.Here’s who I DON’T want to hear from: Know-it-allsNegative Ninnies Or anyone with a crappy driving record.And, yes I will check all of that stuff. I need to know you are a detail kinda person, and you don’t miss a thing. We take top care of our family, and I can’t afford havin’ someone cuttin’ corners. When you use the reply button to send me an email, your subject must say I’m your Moses. If it doesn’t, I’m hittin’ delete.**You’ll probably be tempted to attach your resumé, and that’s fine if you do, but here’s what I really want: write me a letter about the person you’ve been most proud to inspire from zero to hero. That’ll tell me if you’re for real or a pretender. If it doesn’t have that, delete button.**RequirementsYou need to be a positive force in my company.You need big shoulders with the heart and charm of a school teacher.I know for a fact great things can happen for any of my employees.Heck, I started out as a technician, and I own the place now.If you have a let’s make it happen attitude with a whatever it takes tattoo across your heart, I'll do whatever it takes to make sure you got the growing future you love.To learn more about the company visit our website! Job Specification

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