DJ/MC/Entertainer Jobs in Charlotte, United States

Reports to: The Edutainment Group (TEG) / Mr. Nigel’s Music (MNM)DJ/MC must be the life of the party and use their energy and creative force to direct guests to participate in games and activities; get guests to sing out during a particular song, appear on the dance floor to inspire guests to dance, or allow guests to use the microphone to make special announcements to brides and grooms, birthday celebrants, or anniversary couples.The DJ/MC must be energetic, love music, and able to entertain a crowd for the duration of the event; host party games, encourage guests to dance, announce special dances, and ensure that any schedule of events during a party is followed; supply softer background music for dinner and cocktails and party music for dancing.DJ/MC will use the playlists of songs created by the company, which are designed and appropriate for the event they are working; capability to download songs to play music for weddings, birthday parties, holiday parties, and other events; take requests and work with clients to create personal playlists.RequirementsComputer skills able to use software and an audio interface to transmit signals to mobile devices, computers, and PA systemsTechnical skills able to set up various types of audio-visual equipmentPhysical fitness able load in equipment required for the event, ability to stand and dance for long periods of timeCommunication skills must be outgoing and able to converse and interact with a diverse population; strong interpersonal and communication skills when speaking to speak to large crowdsSelf-motivated able to work without supervision to bring excitement to any type of gatheringCustomer service ensure clients are satisfied with all of the entertainment aspects of their event or party Creativity must be innovative and creative to sustain a party atmosphere and keep guests engaged and entertainedJob Specification

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