Field Sales (Outside Sales) Representative Jobs in Bloomsburg, United States

Develop and implement innovative strategies to drive and achieve Company sales goals and make meaningful connection with customers and prospective customers.Build relationships and generate new business opportunities by appropriately and efficiently using company resources, reputation, programs, email, marketing, and follow-up techniques to create, maintain, strengthen, and grow interest with key prospects, acquaintances, community leaders, business owners, influencers, and current accounts.Analyze market potential, track outreach and sales, and prepare monthly status reports.Follow, secure, and develop intel on competitive activities, customer needs, market problems or interests and opportunities.Work to develop leads, identify prospective customers, and uncover opportunities within the Company’s market area by soliciting business from hundreds of potential customers. This includes cold calls, canvassing, and networking.Initiate and engage in productive and positive communication, drawing others into business conversations which may at times involve potentially unfriendly or challenging reactions, circumstances, or environments. However, Company does not require any employee to participate in or continue any interaction which is unsafe or hostile in nature.Timely complete or make inbound and/or outbound calls and document daily sales activities or attempts for new and existing accounts, consistent with Company’s reasonable expectations. Educate yourself and remain current regarding industry and market knowledge.Achieve Company revenue growth objectives.Understand and identify customer needs and expectations in order to recommend Company’s services and relay Company’s extensive experience with regard to such needs and expectations.Be able to differentiate between individuals or companies wasting your time from those who are strong possibilities for actual contractual engagement.Attend industry events and Chamber meetings, join Clubs, participate in community and social events, and generally be part of the fabric of the community or marketing area to build relationships and become known in a positive manner.Plan and meet yearly sales quotas and revenue goals through strategic account research and development.Develop and maintain an active proposal backlog that will support achieving the designed sales plan.Generate prospects while maintaining pipeline.Develop, establish and maintain good relationships with those with whom you interact.Generally, learn the electrical contracting business.Work with other company employees to negotiate and close deals.Track your contacts, leads, calls, responses, and success rate.Continuously improve through feedback.

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