Mobile Operations Manager - Internal Only Jobs in Basrah, Iraq

The Mobile Operations Manager (MOM) is responsible for the management of all APT tasks and the implementation of all security SOPs pertaining to mobile operations.Controls the day-to-day provision of mobile security support to the client and the effective response to incidents. This will involve the coordination of up to 35 mounted Armed Protection Teams (APT) along with supporting QRF and SAT. Ensures mobile operations are conducted in accordance with Iraqi government, client and CR directives and procedures.Tasks and responsibilitiesDepartmental ResponsibilitiesReports directly to the Project Security Manager (PSM), with a functional line for day-to-day operations to the Client Security Mobile Operations Manager.Oversees and coaches the Assistant Mobile Operations Manager (AMOM) in the performance of his duties, especially relating to APT daily tasking and coordination.Ensures that operational situational awareness is always maintained through effective operations room procedures, communications and satellite tracking and intelligence analysis and dissemination.

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