Online Math / Algebra I Tutor Jobs in Amsterdam, United States

Choose Your Hours (PT)Littera Education is looking for virtual Math and Algebra I tutors to join our tutor team! Availability for at least one full hour (the same hour) on at least two weekdays (the same days) from week to week is preferred.Do you enjoy supporting students and developing their understanding of math concepts?Are you interested in providing the high-quality tutoring support students need?Once you are matched to students and assigned a schedule, we ask that you commit to that schedule in order to build a strong tutor:student relationship. What will you do as a Littera tutor?Choose your subjects, levels, and calendar availability.Complete curriculum reviews for the lesson content you would like to use in sessions.Tutor students virtually in a 1:1 - 1:3 setting.Build relationships with students located across the United States.Review provided lesson content materials Impact a student’s learning experience!

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