Assembly and Test Engineer Jobs in California, Colombia

Diamond Foundry Inc. is the global leader in single-crystal diamond technology.We produce single-crystal diamond (SCD) wafers by crystallizing greenhouse gas into diamond using proprietary plasma reactors powered by zero-emission energy. Founded in 2012 in San Francisco, California by Stanford/M.I.T./Princeton engineers, Diamond Foundry Inc. received $315MM in funding and has had a multi-year track record of profitable fast growth.Diamond Foundry is looking for a Packaging Engineer to join our team. You’ll be working with our growing Semiconductor Applications team working closely with the Business Unit Lead and our engineering team. This ideal candidate has experience with packaging chips for computing however this is not a requirement. The ideal team player enjoys working in the lab building and testing packaging prototypes.Typical salary ranges for this position is $90k - $140k + position is eligible for company shares. Actual compensation may be higher or lower in the range based on various factors, including, but not limited to a candidate’s job duties, experience, and expertise. We will also consider higher level candidates and salary will be adjusted accordingly. Responsibilities:Develop packages for computing to improve thermal management.Test the packages inside various setups (servers, rigs, etc.).Be a key driver in building internal infrastructure for packaging and testing.Manage the diamond specification processes liaising with internal and external parties.Write reports on a regular basis on progress.

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