2023-0016 JTS/FAST Software Developer (NS) - TUE 21 Feb OFF-SITE Jobs in The Hague, Netherlands

Deadline Date: Tuesday 21 February 2023Requirement: JTS/FAST Software DeveloperLocation: Off-SiteNATO Grade: A/78,000 EUR (2023 Option: 78,000 EUR)Required Start Date: 20 March 2023End Contract Date: 31 December 2023Required Security Clearance: NATO SECRETDuties amp; Role:1 INTRODUCTION The NATO Information and Communication Agency (NCI Agency) located in The Hague, The Netherlands, is currently involved in the development of new capabilities for NATO as well as in the support of existing capabilities. In the light of these activities, the Command and Control Centre is looking for ONE software developer. More specifically, the work will support the full software development cycle of the NATO Joint Targeting System (JTS) and Functional Area Services for dynamic and time sensitive Targeting (FAST). 2 OBJECTIVE The main objectives of this statement of work can be summarized as follow: • Maintain the JTS/FAST application 3 SCOPE OF WORK Under the direction/guidance of a solution architect and test director, the software developer will develop and update JTS/FAST software modules. This includes the following activities: • Develop/update Java software modules • Develop/conduct unit and automated testing of software components • Develop/update software documentation • Attend virtual and in-person meetings • The development/testing work will be carried out accessing remotely the engineering/test facilities in the NCI Agency laboratories. These facilities consists of all necessary development platforms, servers, web servers, etc. to support the testing. The contractor shall update the status of the JTS/FAST development tasks in JIRA and test procedures and test results in Zephyr. Some of the work could also be requested to be conducted locally in NCI Agency in The Hague, The Netherlands. The contractor will be part of a team (project manager, technical lead, software developers, etc.) geographically distributed and will work using an Agile and iterative approach using multiple sprints. Each sprint is planned for a rough duration of 3 weeks with an average of 38 hours per week.4 DELIVERABLES AND PAYMENT MILETONES The following deliverables are expected in 2023 from the work on this statement of work:Deliverable 01: Sprints for JTS/FAST software developmentNTE Sprint Cost (EUR): 13,000Quantity: 6NTE Total Cost (EUR) 78,000Payment Milestones: After each sprint completionEstimated Start Date: March 2023End Date: NLT 31 Dec 2023For 2023, additional sprints may be requested under the same scope, conditions and constraints.Deliverable 01: Sprints for JTS/FAST software developmentNTE Sprint Cost (EUR): 13,000Quantity: 6NTE Total Cost (EUR) 78,000Payment Milestones: After each sprint completionEstimated Start Date: August 2023End Date: NLT 31 Dec 2023The NCIA team reserves the possibility to exercise a number of options, based on the same scrum deliverable timeframe and cost, at a later time, depending on the project priorities and requirements.5 COORDINATION AND REPORTING The contractor shall participate in daily status update meetings, done via electronic means using Conference Call capabilities. The contractor shall report the completion of each sprint within a week after the completion of the sprint by submitting a certificate of completion. An example is available in Annex B. 6 SCHEDULE This task order will be active immediately after signing of the contract by both parties. It is expected the initial work starts in March 2023 and ending not later than 31 December 2023. 7 CONSTAINTS All the documentation provided under this statement of work will be based on NCI Agency templates or agreed with project point of contact. All scripts, documentation and required code will be stored under configuration management and/or in the provided NCI Agency tools. 8 PRACTICAL ARRANGEMENTS The contractor is expected to provide services off site. Providing services on-site can also be arranged with the project manager. There may be required to travel to NCI Agency The Hague and other sites within NATO for completing these tasks. Travel expenses are to be reimbursed in accordance with NCIA Travel Directive.This work must be accomplished by ONE contractor. The contractor will provide services remotely accessing the laboratories at the NCI Agency as a member of the Command and Control Centre under the supervision of the JTS/FAST Product Owner or delegated staff. 9 QUALIFICATIONS[See Requirements]Requirements9 QUALIFICATIONS The consultancy support for this work requires a software developer with the following qualifications: The candidates have relevant and recent experience in system and software design and development of Graphical User Interface using Java. The candidates have relevant and recent experience in using development tools (e.g. Maven, Jira, Zephyr) and methodologies (e.g. Agile). The candidates have relevant and recent experience in documenting source code and design, online help. The candidate has relevant and recent experience in continuous software integration and automated testing. The candidate is able to speak and write fluent English since the work is conducted in English The candidate has a NATO SECRET security clearance, provided by the national security organization valid at the time of submission of the bid covering the period of the requirement. The candidate must have the nationality of one of the NATO nations. The candidate has relevant and recent knowledge and usage of JTS and FAST.

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