OCIO-0018 Personal Data Protection Support (NS) - MON 20 Feb UPDATED Jobs in Brussels, Belgium

Deadline Date: Monday 20 February 2023 (NOTE: NATO changed the due date)Requirement: Provide Personal Data Protection Programme Support Services to the NATO OCIOLocation: Brussels, BEFull time on-site: YesNATO Grade: A3/G17/88Total Scope of the request (hours): 1600Required Start Date: 13 March 2023End Contract Date: 31 December 2023Required Security Clearance: NATO SECRETAnnex A Special Terms and Conditions The contractor will be responsible for complying with the respective national requirements for working permits, visas, taxes, social security etc. whilst working on site at NATO HQ Brussels, Belgium. No special status is either conferred or implied by the host organisation, NATO HQ Brussels, Belgium to the contractor whilst working on site. The contractor will be responsible for complying with all the respective National Health COVID-19 regulations in Belgium before taking up the position. If the successful candidate is allowed to work remotely, travel to NATO HQ for meetings will be at the candidate’s expense. Travel to other locations will be reimbursed as if the travel originated in Brussels. Attendance at these meetings are mandatory.Duties amp; Role:Personal Data Protection Programme Support Services 1. INTRODUCTION The NATO Office of the CIO (OCIO) is leading the implementation of a NATO-wide personal data protection programme (PDPP), and requires support of a motivated contractor. NATO is in an interesting position concerning personal data protecton. While most of its member states must follow the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), NATO does not. It therefore has the flexibility of choosing the best elements of GDPR and other personal data protection frameworks while avoiding spending effort on tasks that do not add much data protection value. The contractor will have a key role in crafting the implementation strategy to ensure this, as well as assist with the policy’s implementation at the various NATO Bodies in Europe and North America. To make clear, NATO is not looking for a GDPR expert. Rather we are looking for a well-rounded professional with excellent project management and communication skills as well as some experience in personal data protection/privacy. 2. TASKS The contractor will effectively and efficiently provide the following services: 2.1 Develop PDPP Implementation Strategy Measurement: Survey the type of personal data processed by NATO and prioritize in to categories so that NATO Bodies only spend effort on those categories where it adds substantial value. When: by the end of 2nd Quarter 2023. 2.2 Develop PDPP Implementation Supporting Document. The PDPP Policy tells NATO bodies what to do. The Supporting Document tells them how to do it. Measurement: Supporting document developed. When: by the end of 2nd Quarter 2023. 2.3 Refine draft PDPP forms and templates that will form Annexes for the PDPP Implementation Supporting Document. Measurement: PDPP Forms and Templates ready to be included in the Supporting Document. When: by the end of 2nd Quarter 2023. 2.4 Assist the PDPP Supporting Document in gaining approval by the NATO Enterprise. Measurement: Supporting Document endorsed by all NATO Bodies and issued as a NATO Office Notice (ON). When: by the end of 3rd Quarter 2023. 2.5 Provide Implementation Assistance to the first NATO Body to implement the PDPP. Measurement: Assistance Provided. When: by the end of 4th Quarter 2023. 2.6 Write lessons identified report on the first implementation.Measurement: Report Written. When: by the end of 4th Quarter 2023. 2.7 Provide support to unforeseen requirements as necessary. Measurement: Support as necessary until the end of 4th Quarter 2023 3. PROFILE [See Requirements]4. LOCATION OF DUTY 4.1 The candidate will be embedded with the OCIO at NATO HQ, Brussels Belgium. Teleworking is possible with the percentage of time as per agreement with management. 5. TIMELINES 5.1 The services of the contractor are required for the period starting 13 March 2023 until 31 December 2023. 6. SPECIFIC WORKING CONDITIONS 6.1 Secure environment with standard working hours. Occasional non-standard hours may be required in support of the NATO Chief Information Officer urgent tasks. 7. TRAVEL 7.1 Occasional business travel may be required in 2023. Travel expenses to be reimbursed by NATO See special conditions for travel reimbursement if the contractor is not 100% full time based in Brussels. 8. SECURITY AND NON-DISCLOSURE AGREEMENT 8.1 The contractor must be in possession or capable of possessing a security clearance of NATO Secret. 8.2 A signed Non-Disclosure Agreement will be required.Requirements3. PROFILE The candidate must have a currently active NATO SECRET security clearance. The candidate must have project management experience. PM certifications (e.g. PRINCE2, PMP) are desirable. The candidate must have a university degree. A university degree requiring excellent writing skills (humanities or journalism) is desirable. The candidate must have excellent English writing skills and the ability to brief their work in English.The ability to write and brief well in French is desirable. It is desirable that the candidate has experience in Personal Data protection or privacy.A certification in personal data protection management (e.g. CIPP/M) is desirable. If a candidate has experience and certification in GDPR or another privacy law/regulation, it is essential the candidate is able to think outside of that paradigm, as NATO is not implementing GDPR.

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