Production Supervisor Jobs in Greenfield, United States

Are you performance-driven and want to make a tangible impact?Are you looking for professional growth opportunities and a chance to build a career?Are you a problem solver who loves a good challenge?Do you want to change the world one retail return at a time?Our mission at goTRG is to solve the problem of returns by increasing profits from returns and decreasing the environmental impact. We make it easy for retailers, manufacturers, vendors, and 3PLs to handle every item from the point of return to final disposition. We are the only company that manages the entire reverse logistics process end-to-end.Our company is vertically integrated with SaaS, Supply Chain, and ReCommerce business units, working under one roof to make the most impact for our clients. By joining our team, you’ll be a part of the following:SaaS eliminates human biases from returns decisions and connects to every part of the retail ecosystem, from the point of sale to the supply chain to ReCommerce.Best-in-Class Reverse Supply Chain services.ReCommerce Services that list across 20+ high-demand marketplaces.

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