Process Engineer Jobs in Bengaluru, India

You will be part of the Process Engineeringteam. This team runs on coffee and the challenge of figuring out how to produce and validate batteries, chargers, and connectors at scale.Our philosophy: Break. Believe. BuildBreak stuff. Break assumptions. Break the thumb rule.Believe in the team. Believe in the process. Believe through failures.Build fast. Build passionately. Build to simplify.What you will do:As Process Engineer you will work to define how parts are inspected, how assemblies are put together and validated, as well as how the entire product is tested. You will primarily be responsible for:• Understand: Know every part, every assembly instruction, and every process step. Know what needs to be measured and know what needs to be recorded. Everywhere.• Define: Find ways in which inspection, assembly and testing might fail across the manufacturing steps. Define and breakdown the problems that need to be solved• Innovate: Conceptualize rigs, fixtures, jigs, tools, equipment, work instructions. Whatever it takes to mitigate a risk or complete a measurement or process.• Scale: Work with vendors, partners, and the manufacturing team to replicate your process solutions at scale. The ideal candidate requires:Understand specifications, understand how things might go wrong and asking fundamental questions.Ability to break down a risk into a more fundamental problems and identifying the root cause of the samePrior experience in conceptualizing experiments to validate theses or solutionsPrior experience in taking a part to production is a good to have

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