Fire Breathing Sales Warlord Jobs in South Yarra, Australia

Wanted: Fire-Breathing Sales Warlord Who Has The Courage To Set Records and Reach New HeightsDear Sales Warlord,If you’ve been searching through countless lifeless job listings on SeekAlmost slipping into a deep coma from the We’re looking for a highly experienced and motivated sales professional... blah blah blah job adverts...And If you've been looking for THAT opportunity to upgrade your skill set and align yourself with the fastest growing digital agency in Australia(soon to be the planet).Then this will be the most important job listing you ever read.Here’s why...We’re looking for a sharp, hungry and switched-on sales warlord to join our team.So what do we mean by a sales warlord?A motivated, competitive go-getter, who is ready to scorch the earth with their superhuman sales ability.Someone who is constantly hungry for more. Someone who is looking for a role where they can truly realise their potential...And be rewarded with uncapped commissions.We like to think of it asIf Zig Zigler, Brian Tracey And Sabri Suby Had A Baby... You must be someone who looks at sales as a vehicle to provide you with the life you always dreamed aboutWhile selling something that people actually want...and more importantly, delivers real transformational results to your customers.Sales must be something you take seriously. Like deadly serious.We’re talkin’ something you take so seriously, that if it was an Olympic sport you would take home gold for your country.Objections bounce off you like bullets to batman *pew *pew.And you’ll run through walls to get to a decision (whether a no or a yes)There is no lead you won’t follow up on. No prospect that can hide from your unrelenting follow up game. You are.The Sales Warlord That Keeps Calling, Emailing, Leaving Voicemails...And Following Up Until You Get An Answer!And you’ve heard it all before.I need to think aboutSend me out some more infoI need to speak to my business partner, wife, husband, accountant, snow white and the seven dwarves. *rolls eyes*.I need to run it by the board.I need to meditate on it with my Sharman on the next full moon while burning white sage.

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