Art Director - Mobile Games Jobs in Paris, France

As an Art Director at Tamatem: You will be responsible for defining and executing the visual look and feel of a variety of mobile games developed/published by Tamatem and for any visual content that appears on Tamatem’s social media or professional platforms; from its concept through to launch. You will also manage efforts in art direction, art creation, training, coaching, and leadership to ensure that design assets are created efficiently and within given time constraints.You will:Own and drive the development of the art direction, visual style, tone, and identity for Tamatem games and visual content on all platforms.Define and develop strategies to improve the tools and processes that accelerate workflows for other designers and developers to achieve broader product goals.Meet Design department quality standards, respecting technical constraints, screen size responsibility, and optimization guidelines.Control of assets production to ensure that all the visual styles meet the art direction of the product: menus, icons, buttons, pop-ups, special effects, and Live-ops.Present and promote the art direction through writing, discussions, style guides, reference materials, real-time content, or other visual media.Understand the business side of the product by following the most recent market trends and best practices.Be responsible for final concept design delivery, and quality control in accordance with the project's artistic direction, technical restrictions, and deadlines.Guide, and develop the internal team of Graphic Designers, providing constructive feedback, training, and coaching.

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