Founder Operations Analyst (Internship) Jobs in Paris, France

Entrepreneur First is the best place in the world to find your co-founder and build a startup from scratch. Every six months, we bring together and fund high-potential individuals to help them meet their co-founder, develop an idea and raise money from leading investors - as fast as possible. We call this Talent Investing. See how it works here.The companies built at EF are now worth over $10bn. They include Tractable (a computer vision unicorn), La Vie, Kinetix and Neoplants many more*. The portfolio is fast growing, with its companies having increased in value by more than 70% in the past year. EF recently raised $158M in Series C with some of the world's best tech founders and company builders, including Patrick and John Collison (Stripe) and Reid Hoffman (LinkedIn).As an intern in the Paris Operations team, you will be supporting us in handling the day-to-day operations from selecting the best potential founders to help them through our programme where we will help them find a cofounder, build their startup and raise funds.Your main missions will be set around:Entrepreneur journey: Our first customers are our candidates and founders, and we want to make sure they have a memorable experience at EF. You will be responsible for ensuring the process runs smoothly for candidates, from the moment they apply until they sign their offer to join our next cohort. Once the programme starts, you will be responsible for coordinating the schedule and the delivery of our programme to optimize the effectiveness of the team building, ideation and investment phases.Events operations: We regularly run events with EF speakers and external stakeholders, and you will be responsible for ensuring the event runs smoothly. You will get the opportunity to sit in on these events and learn from inspiring entrepreneurs.Data intelligence and analysis: EF is in a unique position to collect and aggregate valuable data to improve our assessment of founder and team quality. You will be contributing to improving our data collection processes, monitoring our data systems and adapting our tooling. For instance, you will be responsible for monitoring and analysing the Net Promoter Score (NPS) of the programme among our founders on a regular basis. You will also be in charge of synthesising information, deriving actionable insights and developing hypotheses and recommendations to adjust our processes.Community and partnerships with key stakeholders: At the heart of EF’s long term defensibility is our ability to attract the best founders. Building long term strategic relationships with key talent feeder organisations (e.g., schools, universities, research centres, student associations, French Tech ecosystem) through partnerships or networking is key. Your internship will also be a great opportunity to interact with the broader tech and venture capital community in Paris as we increasingly extend our reach.- Talent scouting: EF finds exceptional individuals before they are founders. You will contribute to our sourcing efforts, identifying and contacting exceptionally talented individuals to share more about EF, ultimately leading them to apply.

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