Mahira Khan went live on Facebook and it was everything we expected and more

Here are 13 things we didn't know about Mahira. 

Here are 13 things we didn't know about Mahira. SCREENGRAB

After her first ever live performance at the Lux Style Awards this year, Mahira Khan went live on Facebook, also for the first time, and told us more about her son, her upcoming projects, and her favourite actors.

Here are 12 highlights from her live video:

1. What are her upcoming projects?

She has signed a Pakistani film, which she claims is going to be a lot of fun.

“I can only be involved in one project fully — either it’s drama or film,” revealed Mahira.

The Bin Roye actor also disclosed that she is going to work with Momina Duraid soon.

2. What was the first thing she did this morning? 

Mahira said that she was woken up by her mother this morning, and was very embarrassed because she woke up so late.

“Azlan’s schedule is completely off because school holidays just ended. I’m very embarrassed that I woke up at 7:55am and we missed school, and Azlan was jumping on my back.”

Can't stop yawning – kind of day

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3. Tell us more about your son

“He wants to be an actor, and everyone’s going to blame me for it, but hes a natural. He also actually wants to be a director by the way. He writes his own scripts and directs movies from my phone. Everyday when I check my phone, I skim through it and I wonder who has taken all of these (videos) and it’s Azlan, and he has the wisest things to say.”


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4. Who is her favourite actor?

Shah Rukh Khan.

5. Who would she love to work with?

Ryan Gosling and Noman Ijaz.

6. What was her experience like at the LSAs?

She had a lot of fun dancing at the LSAs, but if her ankle was better, she would’ve had much more fun.

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7. Does she have any phobias?

She doesn’t  have any major phobias, but when there’s turbulence on a plane, she prays incessantly.

8. Her favourite song these days is…

She listened to Kaala Chashma to calm her nerves before her LSA performance.

“I want to thank Baar Baar Dekho’s team. We were all dancing to Kaala Chashma in my room. It was helping with my anxiety.”

9. When will she work with Hamza Ali Abbasi?

“He’s a friend… We’ve been offered a few projects together but nothing materialised. Besides, he’s really busy with Maula Jatt.”

scene. Oh and Hamza thinks he's pouting!

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10. How has fame affected her? 

“Lots of ways, actually. When you get famous, people treat you differently. I’ve become a lesser carefree person… You should surround yourself with people who keep you grounded, and I am surrounded by many of them.”

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11. Her favourite food?

Anda paratha, Daal chaawal and Biryani. She also eats junk food sometimes.

Can't resist burger.fries.soda combo! #shakeshack #somebodystopme

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12. Will you marry me?

When a commentator named Faisal proposed to her, she graciously rejected him, saying, “Faisal, I am so sorry I don’t think I can accept your proposal. It’s really nice of you to offer me everything.”

13. What are her future goals?

“I’m hoping to do very good work, but I’m also hoping to direct something. For now, I’d like to continue acting.”

Here’s the complete live video:

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