Netflix likely to show red flag to ‘Marco Polo’

The third season of the ill-fated show will be released in 2017. PHOTO: FILE

The third season of the ill-fated show will be released in 2017. PHOTO: FILE

Historical drama series, Marco Polo, has so far wrapped up two seasons on Netflix, with first ten episodes gathering a fan following of millions around the globe. However, according to Movie News Guide, the network is not too keen on continuing the series with the third season, owing to its plummeting ratings and negative reviews from viewers.

Following its debut on the online streaming giant, Marco Polo became one of the most expensive series on the network. The show also has the highest production cost in the history of television. According to reports, nearly $90 million dollars were spent on the production of the first season, from the elaborate prop settings to the extravagant costumes. With the tremendous success of the initial set of episodes, fans eagerly anticipated the second season, but were disappointed to find that it hardly managed to live up to their expectations. Thus, it lost viewership and is at the moment, hanging by a thread at the hands of Netflix.

According to the producers, the new season promises more deaths, bitter rivalries as well as unexpected intimacies, but could this possibly be bait? A desperate attempt from the makers of the series to rope in attention from disappointed fans? Season two wrapped up with Prester John waging an attack on Kublai Khan’s camp, which means that the third season could kick off with an exciting confrontation between the two power-hungry leads. There is also a possibility that the legendary Mongol ruler may be killed by the warrior, but perhaps one will have to wait and watch how the story unfolds.

Loyal fans that have stuck around despite the obvious plot fails now have to see if Netflix announces the renewal or cancelation of the show. There have also been reports suggesting that actor Benedict Wong, who essays the role of Kublai Khan in the show, has decided to quit.

How the producers will manage to keep the story from falling apart in the absence of one of the lead characters is still uncertain.

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