Determined alumni: Farooq Sattar, Amir Liaquat ride into Karachi University in style

The two MQM leaders hitched a ride into KU after being denied entrance in their own vehicles. PHOTO: EXPRESS

The two MQM leaders hitched a ride into KU after being denied entrance in their own vehicles. PHOTO: EXPRESS

KARACHI: Pillion-riding behind members of the All Pakistan Muttahida Student Organisation (APMSO) on motorcycles, Muttahida Qaumi Movement (MQM) leaders Dr Farooq Sattar and Dr Amir Liaquat made an entry into Karachi University’s (KU) arts lobby on Tuesday, after they were stopped by the Rangers from entering in their own cars.

They were coming to attend the second day of the Muhajir Culture Festival organized by APMSO in the arts lobby.

“Firstly, the university administration gave permission to hold the festival but later asked the students not to conduct any activity, ” claimed Sattar. Appreciating the festival’s organisation, he said that a new era has begun today.

“This is a start for a new image of Muhajirs, ” he said, adding that the government has to seriously think about saving the country by taking MQM along at every step. “They have to bring us together to let this country work and grow, while nothing can be done by making us stay away from our people, ” he added.

Talking to the media, Liaquat said that his standing alongside the MQM leader is enough and there is no need to announce whether he has formally joined the MQM or not. By not allowing the students to celebrate their cultural festival, these influential people have announced that they do not accept us, he said. “We have proved that we are strong, same as our forefathers; they never sought permission to make Pakistan and we also do not need any permission to enter our university, ” said Liaquat, adding that Altaf Hussain is the only leader of Muhajirs and others who even claim to be are ‘cheaters and liars’.

“MQM’s founder also used to roam around the campus on his Honda 70CC bike and we have also done the same today, ” he said. Sattar termed the permission issue a ‘violation of extracurricular activities’. “These decisions are against the students and are enemies of growth, ” he said. “What was the reason to stop us at the gates and how were we stopped from entering our own alma mater?”

Other issues

Sattar said that there should be a separate package for Karachi and issues of water, sewerage and cleanliness should be the first priority of the new chief minister. “The transport system should also be managed wisely so that students can easily travel to their institutions, ” he added. He termed the Karachi operation and Rangers’ special powers in Karachi a political agenda to crush and divide the MQM, which cannot be done. “We have seen how much people love us in byelections of NA-246 and local bodies’ elections, ” he said, adding that the party will continue to protest against the operations all over the province. After talking to the students and media, Liaquat and Sattar, accompanied by APMSO members, took a round of the university on a motorcycle.

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