Calling all students, parents and teachers: Yayvo introduces get set school!

With the e-commerce industry moving at a consistent pace to make its way as a reliable shopping system in Pakistan, Yayvo has been venturing into new domains in order to broaden their audience scope. The online shopping portal has been quite successful so far in showing a new and innovative style to benefit its customers wholeheartedly. For that reason, Yayvo has finally launched the Education E-store to make online shopping for kids and parents possible before the new school terms starts.

E- Store: Yayvo launches school shopping

Yayvo has launched this new and first ever Education E-store in Pakistan on July 21, 2016, to remove the hurdles that kids, parent and schools all face after the holidays. It contains a broad range of school accessories that every student would desire in their quest to gain knowledge. From uniforms, shoes, backpacks, stationery to every conceivable educational requirement, useful to parents, students, teachers and schools alike, is available in this shopping platform.

Main objectives for e-store initiation

Ever since its commencement, Yayvo has been the front runner in the e-commerce industry, taking leaps to lead the pack from the front. Salman Hasan, the CEO of TCS ECOM gave a firm and resolute objective when he said that such initiatives must be used to benefit the customers in Pakistan in every way possible. He further stated that,

“This is the first of its kind initiative for the education sector by the e-commerce industry in Pakistan. Yayvo will carry on introducing new and exciting initiatives for our customers and we feel that through Yayvo education we will bring a great deal of ease and convenience to thousands of parents and students across Pakistan.”

Yayvo partners with schools

In order to make education easily accessible and affordable, Yayvo has introduced a Partner Loyalty Program that allows schools to showcase personalised items on the website, giving them reward points every time their students buy their merchandise from the portal. This new loyalty program has the capability of acting as a bridge between the schools and students, allowing more than six schools to place their uniforms and other necessary school essentials on Kids and parents can order online at any time or call at 1111-YAYVO (1111-92986) to reap the benefits of this fantastic loyalty program.

Yayvo education – special discounts and vouchers

In order to help customers get attuned to this new Education-Online shopping initiative, Yayvo is offering multiple deals, discounts and vouchers for everyone joining in to share the vast possibilities of online shopping at

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