Disaster management: Rescue 1122 men get training in UK

LAHORE: A six-member operational team from the Punjab Emergency Service (Rescue 1122) has completed Emergency and Disaster Management training from the United Kingdom. The training will help them deal with emergencies related to Orange Line Metro Train. Lahore District Emergency Officer Ahmad Raza, the head of delegation, briefed Rescue 1122 Director General Arshad Zia about the 10-day academic and simulation-based training given by the Scottish Fire Service, Glasgow. He said the training had covered underground structures and tunnels, incident command considerations, hazard risk vulnerability assessment, specialised equipment, major incident planning, underground stations visits, road traffic crashes management, contingency planning, strategic planning control rooms and paramedical cycle programme. Arshad Zia congratulated the team on completing the training.

Original news : http://tribune.com.pk/story/1156043/disaster-management-rescue-1122-men-get-training-uk/