Ranveer Singh wore an anti-paparazzi jacket and failed spectacularly

Well, the paparazzi magnet tried at least. 

Well, the paparazzi magnet tried at least. PHOTO: BUZZFEED

The king of quirk, Ranveer Singh is always the centre of attention even when he tries not to be. In his latest attempt at finding some privacy, the Bajirao Mastani star tried his hand at wearing an anti-paparazzi jacket to troll all the photographers that crowd him wherever he goes.

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The result? Well, the jacket failed to black out his face — which is essentially its only purpose. But Ranveer seemed to be totally okay with it.


He happily gave the paparazzi a thumbs up.


The material of the anti-pap jacket is meant to reflect light in such a way that the face isn’t visible in flash photography. Since the paparazzi snapped these photos of him at night, and flash photography was obviously used, the jacket failed miserably.


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But did Ranveer care? Nope.


You do you, Ranveer… but make sure you get your money back.

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