National Foods celebrates 46 years

When it comes to sharing food, and conversations about food and around the dinner table, no name stands out as much as National Foods – a brand that has been with us, sharing food and love for 46 years.

Food, love and conversations start as early as breakfast, over your perfectly-seasoned omelette, whether it’s chatting about your day or something that caught your eye on TV or Facebook. Lunch brings with it new conversations and bonds, as sharing your homemade biryani or kababs with friends, classmates and colleagues over cricket critiques and movie reviews is always an experience to savour.

Dinner with the family’s the meal we all look forward to the most, with a selection of dishes we all love and enjoy, be it Chicken Quorma, Nihari, Daal Makhni or more. Huddling around the dinner table gives a chance to reflect on the day and to make plans for the day to come.

Whereas times may have changed, with lifestyles and technology moving along to keep up, food continues to be the only thing that binds us together, through thick and thin, in sadness and mirth. National Foods knows this and has been helping us enjoy our favourite foods and dessert for decades now. Be it a Paya party or a massive dish of Custard Trifle, food is the universal language of love.

Our associations with food transcends the warm, homely family meal and applies to all occasions, be they sad or happy. Emotions, ideas and plans are best discussed over a full stomach so that’s why whether it’s a Roza Khushai, a family death or the evening before a family road trip, everything makes more sense with a plateful of the prevailing dish.

Using the universally acceptable and loved language of food, National Foods brings together people from all over Pakistan to live life and celebrate the joy of sharing.

National Foods. Share Food Share Love!

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