Here’s how iPhone 7 might look like



The launch of Apple’s new iPhone is something we all are impatiently waiting for, and timely leaks by people, like Evan Blass, are keeping us updated.

The latest from the most ‘credible’ leaker suggests that the device will be available in stores from September 16.

Earlier, Blass had said that the pre-orders for the device would start from September 9 with the launch event being held on the 16th. His latest tweet now suggests that the official launch will be held on September 12, whereas the device would hit the stores on September 16.

In addition, a famous YouTuber UnBoxTherapy released a video showing what the new device would allegedly look like.

The Mockup device, that is argued to be the new iPhone 7 Plus or Pro, was developed by a Chinese company BeSound and was shown by Lewis Hilsenteger on his YouTube channel.


The first thing that we notice about the device is its striking blue colour which up until now has never been available on an Apple device.

Other things include a dual sensor camera, and a minimalistic antenna layout, something that most of us would appreciate.

The bottom back of the device also features docking points that we saw in the iPad Pro and can be used to connect to things like keyboards and can even be Apple’s way of adding modularity to its smartphones.


Finally, the device does not feature a headphone jack and we are guessing Apple would use the lighting port to provide headphone connectivity. The device has an additional speaker as well.

For what the actual device will look like, we need to wait till the next month when it will be revealed at the Apple’s official event.

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