Not just Bollywood, Saira Shahroz was offered a Hollywood movie too

The young actor dishes out on relationship with husband Shahroz, motherhood and future projects.

The young actor dishes out on relationship with husband Shahroz, motherhood and future projects.

Saira Shahroz is on a roll. The young actor has two major film projects lined up; Chalay Thay Saath — her debut movie featuring an international actor and Project Ghazi — Pakistan’s first ever superhero film alongside Humayun Saeed and Sheheryar Munawar.

In a live Facebook chat with The Express Tribune, Saira spoke in detail not just about her upcoming projects, but dished out on her relationship with husband Shahroz, motherhood and how she always wanted to be a chef.

Here are 10 highlights from our chat with Saira:

1. Saira has always wanted to be a super hero

“Project Ghazi is like a dream film for me. I have always wanted to be a super hero and this is a dream come true.”

2. She has been offered roles in not just Bollywood but Hollywood films as well

“I have been offered a lot of movies from India. But I never opted for them. Either the story wouldn’t click or the script wouldn’t be strong enough to pull me in.”

“I was offered Rock on 2 as well but I couldn’t sign them because I was getting married. They wanted to have meetings and wanted me to fly in but I said I can’t do it at this time — Meri shaadi horahi hai.

“I want to focus more on Pakistani films but I don’t mind exploring  my boundaries. I have been offered films from Hollywood as well.”

3. Saira always wanted to be a chef

Saira revealed that acting wasn’t the career-path she had planned for. She was actually camera-shy!

“I’ve always wanted to become a chef. Acting wasn’t planned at all. I was really camera shy, it just happened,” she revealed.

“I cook regularly. I make really good fish, pastas and I have tried making sushi too. It turned out great,” she added.

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4. Saira’s favourite female Pakistani actors are…

“I like Maya Ali and Sajal amongst Pakistani actors.”

5. Saira’s favourite Pakistani actors are…

“Apart from Shahroz (of course), I think Humayun Saeed is brilliant. Adnan Siddiqui and Feroze are good.”

6. Describe yourself in one word

“I am very considerate. I think a lot about other people.”

7. How do you juggle work and motherhood? 

“I think the fact that Shehroz is such a great support is a big factor in helping me juggle. He’s always there. My own parents, my  in-laws, everyone is there for me.”

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8. Her favourite song these days is…

“I love Kala chashma. They’ve done so well.”

“I don’t think Katrina is a great dancer. Do you remember Just Chill days? She couldn’t move properly… What I like about her though is that she doesn’t hold back while dancing.”

9. How is Behroz Subzwari as a father- in-law?

“He’s amazing. He’s like a father to me. I don’t feel like I live with my in-laws. I always feel like I am at my parents’ house.

He has a serious side to him though. I have been scolded by him. He takes me like his daughter so he scolds me like one too.”

10. Her favourite Salman Khan movie is…

“My favorite Salman movie is Andaz Apna Apna and of course Hum Dil Dey Chukey Sanam and Bajrangi Bhaijaan.

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11. If you were to play a character from a Bollywood movie, which role would you pick?

“I would have loved to play Aarfa from Sultan. It was a great role. Salman and Anushka looked great together. I would have loved to play Simran from DDLJ. It’s one of my favorite movies.”

12. Do you have a message for your fans?

“I think nowadays there is too much hate in the air so don’t hate on each other. Don’t jump into conclusions, give everyone a chance to explain themselves. Just be happy and work for what you want in life.”

13. Does Shahroz sing for you?

“Shahroz sings all sorts of songs for me. Mujhay tum naraz sey gira toh rahay ho type-old songs. New too actually… You should do a live session with him he will sing for you.”

14. Would you want to direct?

“I really want to direct. I want to direct a movie because it is compact. I have written something down. It’s a love story. I love love stories. The audience comes to find an escape so I want something entertaining. I can even cast Shahroz but I would want to direct the movie.”

15. Are you and Shahroz planning on working together in the future?

“Shahroz and I really want to work together because I love working with him. But for us to come together the project needs to be super awesome.”

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