The corner: Hina Butt

Hina Butt

Hina Butt

Hina Butt, MNA, general marketing manager for Waves and fashion designer at Teena by Hina Butt, invites us into her favourite corner — a tropical pool area embodying her love for nature and reflecting her strong-rooted family values

The front gate opens to reveal a lush garden on one side and a spacious driveway on the other. We are warmly greeted by Butt, who walks us to our destination — the pool area. Immediately, a six-foot tall birdcage in the corner catches our attention.

The thatched roofs and palm trees impart a tropical vibe, while the sun illuminates the area. Before us lies an enormous circular pool, featuring ice-blue mosaic details.

A large brass bowl entangled with vines is part of an exquisite waterfall. Engraved in the walls directly below are depictions of three Grecian women, a large photo of the Butt sisters and a Mughal painting of three women. Butt enlightens us: “This is something my father got custom-made, as we are three sisters who have grown up very close to each other. It has to be my favourite part about this area”. These adornments are concrete proof of the family values instilled in our host.

Tall palm trees and other plants surround the pool. “This area makes one feel closer to nature, a feeling we need on busy days. The pool is a relaxing spot for me. If I want to read a book, exercise or take a breather before or after work, I come down here to rejuvenate,” she explains while we look around.

She also shares with us that the pool can be seen from various places around the house, which goes to show that this truly is an area that Butt cherishes. “The window from my room also overlooks the pool!” she adds.

Various accents surround the pool. While some are human figures, others are intricately detailed vases. Upon inquiring, we learn that Butt had handpicked these pieces from her travels to Morocco, Egypt and Turkey. Other outdoor furniture in the area consists of sun loungers, wooden tables, tiny Moroccan lamps and wind chimes dangling from umbrellas.

An alley, teeming with greenery, lures us towards it. The stepping-stones lead to an enclosure — this small, hidden space is adorned with lilac flowers and empty white birdcages. Butt says: “This is a corner in the house where nobody will find you, you can sit here for hours by yourself and not be disturbed.”

When asked if any special occasions have been held in this area, she informs us she has hosted several parties here. Her pre-wedding festivities, baby shower and birthdays had all been arranged by the poolside. She reminisces out loud: “The lighting at night, as it reflected on the water, was simply beautiful!”

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