Chocolate chip cookie waffles

PHOTO: screengrab

PHOTO: screengrab

What do you make when you’re torn between choosing chocolate chip cookies and waffles? You make chocolate chip cookie waffles, duh! This is a quick recipe and to your pleasant surprise, the waffles don’t take as much time baking as cookies do. In fact, it only takes two minutes for a waffle to cook. Doesn’t that make you hungry to make a batch already? Well then, let’s get started!

Ingredients (yields 2 waffles)

All-purpose flour — ½ cup and a tablespoon

Brown sugar — ½ cup, lightly packed

Butter — ¼ cup, melted

Egg — 1

Baking powder — 1 teaspoon

Salt — ½ a teaspoon

Vanilla extract — 1 teaspoon

Chocolate chips — as much as you like


In a mixing bowl, whisk butter and brown sugar together. Then add egg and vanilla extract. Keep whisking to incorporate everything together. Then add baking powder and salt and add the flour in three batches. Finally, fold in as many chocolate chips as you like (remember the rule, the more the merrier!).

Now, set the waffle iron on the highest setting and scoop out the batter and bake for two minutes or peek to check if it has turned golden brown.

Garnish with your choice of fruit. I choose to serve mine with bananas, pecans and chocolate syrup.

Enjoy your hot and tasty waffles! Happy cooking.

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