Ranveer Singh or Shahid Kapoor? Americans decide in hilarious video

Who do you prefer?

Who do you prefer? SCREENGRAB

Bollywood heartthrobs Ranveer Singh and Shahid Kapoor are in tough competition it seems as the two stars were introduced to a group of Americans in a hilarious segment of For The Win, in which they were rated based on their looks, acting and dance moves.

In the first round of the competition, the Americans were shown Ranveer and Shahid’s GQ magazine covers.

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“I am both drawn to the Ranveer picture but also a little bit terrified,” noted one.

“Ranveer looks like a nice guy,” said another.

Still from For the Win video.

“Shahid is killing it in that suit.”

Still from For the Win video.

Round one winner: Tie

When shown the trailer of Bajirao Mastani, the group said the film looked “epic” and “very pretty.”

“He’s a boss,” concluded an American, absolutely smitten with Ranveer.

Still from For the Win video.

The group was then shown the trailer of Haider (Bollywood’s adaptation of Hamlet).

“I feel like he [Shahid] acts with his eyes a lot… there’s a lot of intensity.”

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Still from For the Win video.

Round two winner: Ranveer

Then came their dance numbers. Ranveer’s Tattad Tattad from Ram Leela was shown.

“Look how colourful this is,” said one while the other noted, “He’s so sassy.”

Another joked, “Okay, his hips don’t lie.”

Still from For the Win video.

Next, they were shown Shahid’s Gandi Baat from R… Rajkumar.

“You don’t expect this level of choreography from American film stars… It’s a lot of leg work,” they noted.

Still from For the Win video.

Round three winner: Ranveer

Conclusion: “Ranveer’s hair wins.”


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