Awaaz reunion? Faakhir had asked Haroon to join him for Coke Studio 9

The Dil Na Lagey singer will be reworking Tina Sani’s Anokha Ladla on the show. PHOTO: FILE

The Dil Na Lagey singer will be reworking Tina Sani’s Anokha Ladla on the show. PHOTO: FILE

KARACHI: Coke Studio has been responsible for reviving the careers of many musicians, who over the years have not been able to bring their music back to life, or regain popularity among the youth.

This year, former Awaz member Faakhir, who has not been releasing music of late, makes his debut as a producer and singer on Coke Studio 9. Talking to The Express Tribune, the Dil Haara singer said, “The audience can expect easy-listening, melodic tunes and soulful songs … the typical Faakhir sound.”

He will be performing duets with Zeb Bangash and Natasha Khan, also producing music for Rahat Fateh Ali Khan, Javed Bashir, Masooma Anwar and other artists. Furthermore, the Dil Na Lagey singer will be reworking an old classic from the 1980s. The song, titled Anokha Ladla, was previously sung by Tina Sani and has now been re-rendered by Faakhir. “I have experimented with this particular song. I have completely changed the genre of the track. It sounds very interesting and nothing like the original. I am hoping that the listeners enjoy it,” he said.

Explaining his creative process, Faakhir said, “I created the sound first and later invited the artists over to my studio. We jammed with my musicians and that’s how the creative process started,” he shared.

When asked if he was given complete liberty on the show, Faakhir added, “There was creative freedom but I wouldn’t say it was 100%. I allowed Bilal and Faisal to intervene where I felt it was necessary. It’s always good to have another critical ear to give you the right opinion.”

On the same note, Faakhir believes he has developed a stronger friendship with the Strings duo after working on the show.

He did not seem hesitant to work on the show alongside a younger lot of musicians. Stating he is satisfied by the work he has done, he remained positive the audience will be entertained.

And, while he is very much occupied with Coke Studio 9 for now, Faakhir shared an Awaz reunion is not on the cards. “We have kept in touch and have a strong bond with each other on a personal level. I don’t think a reunion is on the cards though. I did ask Haroon to come on board with me for one of the songs I did on Coke Studio, but unfortunately that plan did not come to be.”

The six producers part of the show’s lineup this year include Shiraz Uppal, Noori, Shuja Haider, Jaffer Zaidi, Shani and Faakhir. Strings have taken over as Coke Studio’s executive producers. “We’ve always believed in collaborations because this is how the industry grows. It was a challenging task and our guidance was required throughout the process, but today we are extremely satisfied that we took this initiative,” the band had said in a statement.

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