British Council in doldrums

PESHAWAR: We usually criticise our public sector departments for red tape and incompetence. However, I recently took my IELTS test in Islamabad. The result was announced on July 29. After repeated attempts, I failed to get my result on the British Council’s online portal. From then onward, what happened is really agonising because my belief in their complaint redressal system was completely shattered. I contacted their helpline, but instead of getting my result, they gave me a lecture about patience. I emailed their complaint cell but instead of redressing the grievances, they chalked out a circuitous path for remedial action. The quality of service delivery is unsatisfactory despite exorbitant fees being charged by the Council. I hope the British High Commission takes cognisance of the sorry state of affairs to provide some relief to candidates.

Muhammad Ismail Khan

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