Traffic chaos 

LAHORE: Recent headlines in some newspapers report that the prime minister has decided to personally oversee development projects. Another headline reveals that the Lahore division’s master plan comes into force. How about easing the traffic mess that road users face every day between Thokar Niazbeg to Chung? About three kilometres of the motorway overhead bridge on Multan Road to Shahpur Road turn remain clogged as long-body vehicles take U-turns to approach the bus stand. The motorway police submitted a proposal to the chief minister of Punjab for adding a lane on each side of Multan Road from the motorway overhead bridge to Chung but the CM seems more interested in pushing his Orange Train Project. Adding lanes would alleviate the miseries of commuters who travel in and out of the provincial capital every day. If the National Engineering Services Pakistan has already completed a survey for adding lanes on both sides on the above-mentioned stretch of Multan Road, what is stopping the Punjab government from proceeding with the plan? Public money should go into projects that benefit a large number of people. The interests of commoners, packed mercilessly in buses, should be preferred to the interest of the privileged class.

Dr Jaffer Kapadia

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