Coming Again: City to experience light rain today

KARACHI: The weather in the city is likely to be pleasant for the next two days, according to the Meteorological (Met) department. On Tuesday (today), the metropolis will experience light rain and drizzle, informed Met department director Abdul Rashid on Monday. The temperature will remain between 30 to 32 degrees Celsius, he added. The pressure system has dropped from before so there will be no more heavy showers, he claimed. Meanwhile, due to the recent rains, water level at the Hub Dam has increased to 297 feet, said Karachi Water and Sewerage Board’s (KWSB) engineer Sikander Ali Zardari. “The water flow is increasing due to the catchment areas of the Hub Dam,” he said, explaining that the catchment areas of it are at Kirthar Mountain range where it is still raining. If the water level in the dam increases 300 feet, KWSB would be able to supply 100 million gallons of water to the city for almost a year. The capacity to store water in the Hub Dam is 339 feet, he added.

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